Social center

Our main mission is to enrich the life of Trutnov and the Trutnov city in the Czech Republic and abroad . In addition to the cinema, the National House and the Niva Club, we have a unique multifunctional Uffo cultural area, thanks to which we can provide a wide range of cultural events and events to the Trutnov public (and not only him), with an emphasis on originality, quality, surprise and experience. These include, in particular, organizing:

  • Theatrical performances (stand-alone and within subscription groups) 
  • Concerts of all musical genres 
  • Site-specific projects tailored to Uffo space
  • Creative and interactive exhibitions 
  • workshops 
  • Theater, music and dance festivals 
  • Theater performances for children 
  • Introductions and programs for schools 
  • Traditional cyclical events for children (such as the Daisy Fairy, Carnival and Baby Balls
  • Ghosts, Witches, Drakie, Nicholas, Fun Contests)
  • Literary evenings 
  • Film performances (also in an unusual form) 
  • Entertainment programs 
  • Lectures, discussions ... 
  • ... and other events

We organize events organized at major state, city or social celebrations or programs with partner cities.

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