Snežka and its surroundings on historical postcards

From October 12th you can visit the Museum of the Podkrkonoší to see historical poscard of the highest mountain of the Czech Republic.


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Social center

The Trutnov Community Center for Culture and Leisure is a contributory organization of the town of Trutnov, running the Uffo Community Center, the National House, the Vesmír Cinema and the Nivy Cultural Club.


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Trutnov Gallery of dragon

A unique gallery dedicated to the creator of the legend about the founding of the town of Trutnov in a non-traditional way draws the visitor into the magical atmosphere of the ancient peoples.


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The Stachelberg artillery fortress is located between Trutnov and Žacléř, at the top of the terrain ridge above the village of Babí. Visit an extensive 1938 stronghold.


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Krkonoše crafts

Visit Trutnov's place called Dům pod Jasanem to learn interesting information about the history of the Giant Mountains. Know the magic of handmade production!

Interactive Exhibition 1. 5. - 15. 9. open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 15:00


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